Scot JCB


Scot JCB have been supplying and servicing JCB machinery throughout Scotland and the North of England for over 50 years.


Scot JCB already use our services for Printers/Photocopiers and IT Support and wanted us to look at a process solution for their finance department.

They currently index some 17,000 purchase invoices per year manually and the process takes three people most of their working day to feed the data into their ERP system.

Scot JCB were keen to find a solution that would free up the time of the three members of staff to perform more profitable tasks within the company.


Document Data Group provided a solution that automatically captures all purchase invoices from their incoming emails. It extracts all the key data and feeds both the image and the key data into their ERP system. At this stage the data is matched against the original order and either passed for payment or flagged to a finance team member to check based on percentages of accuracy.

For Scot JCB this has freed up at least two of their three members of staff to do those more profitable tasks for the company.


“Document Data Group have provided us with a first-class software solution that has streamlined a very mundane task within the business. Not only that, DDG provide excellent IT Support to over 180 of our users along with managing our extensive print fleet. This allows Scot JCB to concentrate on providing a premium service to our own clients.”


Scott Spowage, Group IT Manager