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Document Management

An organisations data is one of its most valuable assets and should be managed in a responsible manner. This is where we can help. Document Data Group can provide a tailored document management solution that works for your business. From basic, yet powerful document storage to full workflow and invoice processing systems, we can provide a solution to match your requirements fully utilising technology.

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Here are some of the benefits and why you should select Document Data Group for your business…

Improve Security

Documents getting into the wrong hands can be detrimental for a business. A Document Management System only grants access to authorised persons.

Reduce Storage Space of Documents

Filing cabinets and storage cupboards can now be removed from the office. The need to move offices due to a lack of space is no longer an issue.

Faster Retrieval

Documents are stored using key search fields meaning future retrieval is quick.

Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Document Retention

Automated GDPR compliance.

Improve Workflow

Documents can be passed between departments or person to person with greater efficiency

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