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Electronic Forms (E forms) are not a new concept, yet many businesses are still using paper forms for routine office tasks.

Making the move towards e-forms has great benefits for many businesses and below are examples of some businesses we have helped. Typical examples may include customer enquiry forms, risk assessments, new employee onboarding forms, timesheets or job sheets to name but a few. eForms are convenient and flexible, however the real power is behind the scenes with automated workflows and process automation based on the data captured on the form. An example of this would be where additional forms are triggered based on the answers given on an initial form, or where someone is sent a notification whenever certain criteria are met. This allows the eForm user to easily report on the data and ensure that the correct actions are undertaken with full audit trail available.

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Don’t just listen to us, listen to businesses using Eforms:

Food Manufacturing

A company within food manufacturing who employ some 400 people and have one HR Director dealing with the onboarding of new staff. This was a manual process where he visits the site and spends up to 2 hours with the new employee completing onboarding paperwork. This process is now fully automated whereby the new employee receives the paperwork via a link in an email and as one document is completed the next can be automatically sent. Information is automatically sent to the Payroll department to notify them of a new employee and IT are informed to set up a new user or order hardware if required.
E-forms and automation have saved the hr director a minimum of 2 hours per new employee and the time to drive to site.


A company within the construction industry who are completing around 50 risk assessments per week prior to installation of solar panels. This risk assessment was a paper exercise and assessors would return to the office on a Friday to begin processing these.
Using e-forms these can be actioned instantly, speed up the raising of invoices and allow them to take on new clients quicker.

Child Care

A company within the childcare sector, a private nursery to be specific who deal with many forms for their attendees. It was very important to them to show both parents and the care commission that they take the storing of personal documents seriously by using e-forms for documents such as new enrolment, accident forms or risk assessments. These are now completed and stored in a document management system with high levels of encryption rather than paper based in filing cabinets.
Eforms retrieve information faster with key search fields therefore speeding up tasks within the office.


An Accountancy firm who had a very heavy paper-based process for onboarding new customers. The admin assistants would have to compile a pack which was posted out to the new customer and then once completed posted back. Using e-forms we have made this pack electronic saving postage costs and time waiting for the documents to arrive and then be sent back. In addition, these can automatically be stored against the client in the document management system.
Using e-forms we have made this pack electronic saving postage costs and time waiting for the documents to arrive.

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