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Print Management

Document Data Group offer a variety of high-quality, tried and tested office printers that allow you to get the most out of your equipment and software. Whether its desktop printers or larger Multifunctional Devices we can ensure that you will always get outstanding quality equipment and service. We work in partnership with UTAX and Canon giving customers a great range of high-quality hardware.

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Desktop Printers

We specialise in desktop printers helping companies reduce the cost of ink whilst keeping the convenience of having a printer near you when you are looking to print. Find out more by watching our video.

Multi Crop Scanning  

The UTAX 2508 and 3508ci devices come with a fantastic new feature called Multi Crop Scanning. This function makes it possible to scan and digitise up to 16 receipts in one go rather than having to scan them one at a time. There are immediate time savings and proving very popular with Accountancy firms and Finance Departments within a company. The video illustrates the full process.

Dual Scan Document Processor

All of our UTAX A3 devices are fitted with a Dual Scan Document Processor as standard. “Dual” means both sides of a double sided document are scanned at the same time saving time and reducing paper jams. The device can hold up to 270 sheets of A4 paper and scan at a rate of 180 pages per minute.

Print Management

Print Management is the ability to control, monitor and track printing within the business. Benefits of this include secure printing, insight into usage and the ability to produce reports including environmental reports. The video illustrates this in greater detail.

Here are some of the benefits and why you should select Document Data Group for your business…

Cost and efficiency savings:

Less time spent on manual processing, fewer errors, less time searching for documents

Control and visibility:

Of your cashflow through faster access to payment information

Better supplier relations:

Improved visibility can reduce lost discounts and exposure to late payment penalties

Higher worker satisfaction:

Cutting the number of time consuming and repetitive tasks

Improved transparency

Thanks to more complete audit trails thus fewer lost documents

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