Northcare (Scotland) Ltd is a family run business established some 30 years ago comprising of eight care homes in South Lanarkshire, Glasgow City, East Renfrewshire and Edinburgh.


Northcare (Scotland) Ltd have been a customer of Document Data Group for over 14 years. We believe this is because we took the time to understand the business, matched them with a solution that supports their needs, and followed this up with excellent service levels.

Document Security is of high importance within the care sector, and we have implemented a Print and Document Management Solution to meet this requirement.

Having key documents such as finance documents stored electronically in the document management system not only enhances security but makes retrieval faster, improves disaster recovery processes and using features such as workflows will increase productivity.

Post pandemic it was clear that the access to information as well as the movement of data needed to be more automated to reduce the points of contact with paper documents across the organisation.

Northcare (Scotland) Ltd have a mix of A3 and A4 print devices within the care homes. The A4 devices are space saving tabletop machines located at nurses stations to make them easily accessible throughout the day. The larger A3 devices are located within the main office of the care homes for heavier office related document printing.

Finance Director, George Johnston said:

“Having been duped by a previous photocopier supplier requiring us to have to threaten legal action before being released from the contract it was important to me that I could trust the next photocopier supplier with whom to place our business. I knew and had done business with David Forsyth, the owner of Document Data Group, in his previous role in Telecommunications and when he started up in the photocopier business it was an easy decision to place our business with Document Data Group. We have been with them ever since and have not regretted this decision.
The staff are very efficient and helpful, our toner usage is monitored, and new toner cartridges supplied before the existing toner runs out. Each time we require additional machines we have no thought of going elsewhere to supply the additional equipment.
The major advantage in placing our business with Document Data Group, however, is that I do not have to be on my guard and I can relax knowing that I am dealing with a reputable company”.