Blanefield Care


Blanefield House Care Home provides high quality care and accommodation for 40 elderly guests.


Blanefield House Care Home have been a customer of Document Data Group for 9 years. Being within the care sector, document security is of high importance to the company.
Document Data Group provide a mix of large multifunctional devices and small compact A4 devices within the care home. The A4 devices are located within the Directors offices to allow the printing of sensitive information within an enclosed environment.
The Multifunctional Devices are all fitted with Data Security Kits. This deletes and overwrites any documents in the memory area of the printer. The process happens automatically giving the customer peace of mind that the print fleet is secure.
Tiered billing has also been of great benefit to Blanefield House. This is a function unique to the UTAX A3 devices which means the customer “only pays for the amount of colour used”. The device calculates the amount of toner used to produce each page and records the page against one of three meters. In the case of Blanefield House 80% of their coloured copies fall into the lowest price meter which is a great cost saving that they wouldn’t get with other suppliers.


Managing Director, Miss Puja Poddar said:

“I have been a customer of Document Data Group since 2014 and have been consistently impressed with the quality of their services. The printers and devices they provide are not only reliable and efficient, but also highly secure. I believe this is a testament to the quality of the products and the maintenance provided by the company’s technicians.
In addition, the support provided by our Account Manager has been exceptional. They have always been responsive and helpful in addressing any issues we may have encountered. I highly recommend Document Data Group for anyone in need of printer services and support.”