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Freelands had photocopiers from a Xerox dealership and had major issues with toner delivery and service. Toner was coming from Holland which meant a 7-10 day wait period and in many cases they would run out. This was completely impractical for them.

We installed the new devices and Craig was really interested in the technology behind the remote toner alerts. As a result, he asked if we could also undertake an IT Audit. They felt they had out grown their current IT provider as he worked on his own and it may take a few days for him to respond to enquiries. In addition, if he was on holiday, they had no support which left them vulnerable.


Document Data Group installed a UTAX Device which is linked up to our automatic toner replenishment software. When toner levels drop to 20% a replacement is sent out on a next day delivery service. In addition, with 11 local engineers and a fix rate of just over 3 hours this gave Freelands piece of mind that they would notice a massive improvement to their current supplier. Following the IT Audit, we now manage IT Support for both the Motherwell and Wishaw Offices and our helpdesk is open Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm with an initial response to a query currently within an hour of being logged.


“Document Data Group has helped our firm immeasurably, by finding solutions to many issues we were facing both with IT and with our printers and copiers. We are able to operate far more productively with their expertise and assistance.”


Craig Mackie, Partner