Glen Turner


The Glen Turner Blending Company Ltd was established in 1981 by French group La Martiniquaise to oversee its Scotch Whisky operations. The company changed its name in 2001 to the Glen Turner Distillery Ltd which began a period of rapid expansion for the French company in Scotch. In 2010 the name changed again to Glen Turner Company Ltd.


Glen Turner Distillery is owned by La Martiniquaise whose head office is in Paris. The companies 2 key locations are Bathgate and Elgin with up to 100 suppliers they process some 500 purchase invoices per month.

The processing of moving paperwork around and payments being delayed is a problem for the business. There is also a lot of travelling between the UK and France to enable checking of paperwork.

Purchase orders are raised within Sage 50 and sent directly to the supplier. Once the goods have been delivered the goods received notes will be given to the Finance dept in the main office (Bathgate) to await the invoice. Invoices received by email are printed out and both these and postal ones are stamped and a cost centre added. Each invoice is then taken to the correct person to sign off and pass back for payment. This sign off process is time consuming as originators may forget or misplace the original invoices.


Document Data Group installed an Electronic Document Management System primarily for the Finance dept but which could handle documents for all departments such as HR, Health and Safety etc.

As goods are received the goods received note is scanned into the Document Management System with just the PO number as the index. This would then be flagged to Finance who would await the invoice to arrive. Any invoices arriving by email can be transferred directly to the system. The data from the invoice will be used to index the document and will allow easy cross referencing with the goods received note to confirm acceptance. The documents now fully indexed have a cost centre added and enter a workflow to the relevant person for approval. Approval reminders are set thus no reason for delays. Once actioned the document automatically returns to finance. Through web connection all of this is accessible to the Parent Company in France.

“The support we have received from DDG has been exceptional”

Paula Parker of Glen Turner Company Ltd said:

“We are actively using the Document Management System for our HR files making us compliant with GDPR and also for finance documents.The support we have received from Document Data Group throughout the process of installing the system has been exceptional making the change as smooth as any change can be and ensuring it works as we need it to.”