A Steel & Son


A Steel & Son Contracts Ltd was established some 50 years ago providing haulage and groundwork projects to the Lanarkshire and Glasgow area.


The company had filing cabinets full of paperwork and felt they were losing control of this information.Due to the nature of the business they must undertake an annual audit of documents and felt these should be stored in a more secure format and reducing the time taken to retrieve information.In addition,their current printer was no longer suitable for the business. They must submit a lot of drawings for the groundwork contracts and the quality of print was poor and didn’t give a great reflection of the company to potential new customers. Finally,those companies who employ A Steel &Sons to transport deliveries for them often require proof of delivery receipts to be sent back to process payment and as their current device didn’t have scan facilities someone was having to take time out of their day to make the hour round trip to deliver these.


Document Data Group installed a UTAX Device with scan facilities. The improved print quality ensures all documents being sent by the company look professional and they can now scan the proof of delivery slips straight to their customer. The installation of a Document Management System has allowed them to remove filing cabinets from their overcrowded office, making the search process for documents so much more efficient and secure via the encryption feature of the system.


“Our new printer and document management solution from DDG was instrumental in securing a £40k order”


Director Campbell Steel said:

“What a fantastic experience we have had with Document Data Group. From the initial meetings, product demonstrations and the smooth installation process, the whole team have been excellent.Within 4 weeks of installing the new printer and Document Management System, we won a £40k order which I do believe was the result of providing the customer with excellent print quality diagrams and the ability to share documents with them promptly and efficiently. Having such a productive office environment ensures we can give our customers the best level of customer service.”