JW Morrison Haulage Contractor


JW Morrison Haulage Contractor is a family run business from Strathaven, South Lanarkshire. It is owned and run by three partners and employs a total 28 people..


  • Huge amount of paperwork to manage on a daily basis including supplier invoices, sales invoices and delivery slips.
  • This paperwork takes up a large amount of physical space in the office
  • Due to the nature of the products that they freight around the country, JW Morrison have to keep delivery records as far back as five years.


Document Data Group realised that they could help reduce time, make the storage process for documents much quicker and enhance the retrieval times for audit purposes.

The software Document Data Group used allows the storage of hard and electronic copies of documents in a secure system that can be set up with multiple work flows keeping the documents secure, allowing a sign off process and ultimately the quick retrieval of the data.

“Already I have saved at least a day a week”

Pauline Morrison, JW Morrison Manager said said:

“We have now been using the new document management system implemented by Document Data Group for nearly three months. Already I have saved at least a day a week of time by automating the logging of information from suppliers’ invoices. This is now automatic and has almost eliminated the need for data entry into Sage.”“The Document Data Group team were great throughout the whole process. Their main focus was to make sure the system was working well for us and the experience was very positive. We have been delighted with the results.”