Established for over 15 years, the Abbeycare Scotland provides private addiction treatment options for those suffering with alcohol and substance use issues.


Abbeycare Group have been a customer of Document Data Group since 2016.  Data Security and costs were of high importance to them, and it was important that the solution presented took these into consideration.

Document Data Group installed a new Multifunctional Device with many features such as Tiered Billing, Data Security Kits, Pin code release and Job Accounting.

Tiered Billing, a standard feature with the A3 UTAX devices has been of great benefit to the company.

They print a high volume of colour copies however the colour coverage on each page is not particularly high. 83% of their coloured prints falls into the cheapest price category with tiered billing whereas if they were with another company who don’t offer this facility the cost would be the same as printing a full colour document. This is a huge financial benefit.

The organisation holds a lot of sensitive data and therefore security of this information is of upmost importance. The device itself has a Data Security Kit installed which overwrites every single document printed. In addition, all employees have their own pin code to release documents thus preventing any documents being left on the print tray.

Finally, Abbeycare Group use a functionality called “Job Accounting” which allows them to obtain a report each month that details who prints what. This can be per department or each individual.

Operations Director, Liam Mehigan said:

“We are delighted to work in partnership with Document Data Group while we have continued to develop as a service. Their excellent customer service has been of real value to our team in meeting our printing and data needs.”