Founded in 1975, Luddon Construction has steadily expanded and diversified to become one of the leading privately owned construction companies in the UK with a turnover circa £100 million and employing over 500 people.


IT Manager Alistair McIntosh was frustrated with the current print equipment. He felt the fleet lacked reliability with constant engineer visits and toner not arriving when required resulting on downtime on machines.


After performing a thorough Print Audit and understanding the needs of each department within the business, Document Data Group provided a fleet of UTAX devices.

This range of devices have won many awards for innovation and reliability and overnight Mr McIntosh noticed a huge difference compared to their old devices.

In addition, DDG were able to introduce Luddon Construction to three-tiered billing which has resulted in cost savings across all departments. This is a unique feature to UTAX devices whereby the customer only pays for the amount of toner used. The device recognises the amount of coloured ink used in printing a page and allocates that spend to one of 3 metres priced from low to high coverage.


“Document Data Group took the time to understand our needs and matched these with the excellent UTAX equipment. I would highly recommend them to all businesses”


IT Manager, Alistair McIntosh