Wylie & Bissett


Wylie and Bisset are one of Scotland’s longest established larger independent firms of chartered accountants, providing a full range of services to clients including audit (both internal and external) accountancy and value added, corporate and personal taxation, business advisory, corporate finance and consultancy services.


  • The current Xerox and Equitrac printers were causing problems
  • High running costs
  • In this industry data security is paramount. Each floor in the office shared a multifunctional printer. However private documents sent for printing could easily get into the wrong hands.


Document Data Group implemented a Print Management System with some key features

  • Managers can print out a report and observe the print usage of each member of staff. Commands were put in place such as a restriction on the number of coloured copies staff could print and a restriction to black & white printing only for certain departments where colour was not necessary.
  • To improve data security, each member of staff is given a pin code for printing. The code must be entered at the device and select the files to be released.If a file sent to the printer is no longer required, it can be deleted at this stage saving unnecessary printing costs.

“We have dramatically reduced our running costs by managing print”

Ross McLauchlan said:

“The print report detailing our hidden print costs was a very valuable source of information. We have dramatically reduced our running costs by managing print usage.”