RB Campbell & Co


RB Campbell & Co are a firm of solicitors based in Ayr, Ayrshire.


RB Campbell & Co didn’t have a regular IT Support contract in place and therefore their full infrastructure required upgrading. The company used one BT email address for all correspondence and had several BT Routers which BT struggled to get stable.

There was no back up process in place, all documents were stored on the desktop computers. The hardware was also needing upgrading especially the monitors as the screens were very small.


Document Data Group began by installing Office 365 licenses for each member of staff thus granting them their own email accounts.

A SharePoint account was set up and now all company documents are safely and securely stored and backed up.

In terms of hardware Document Data Group installed new desktop computers with larger screens and a new router.

As a result of the IT upgrade RB Campbell & Co have become more efficient and shown their commitment to their customers by improving the security of document storage.

Cashier, Catherine Tone said:

“We are extremely happy with the service provided by Document Data Group. The IT Support package has greatly improved the security and flow of documents throughout our business. The helpdesk team are fantastic, very supportive and the response to queries is so fast.”.