Maxim Office Park


Maxim Office Park is one of the largest industrial estates in Scotland providing state of the art architectural office space to deliver a state of intent for your business. Document Data Group are a tenant within Maxim Office Park.


Maxim produce a considerable amount of marketing collateral to promote the office park to current and prospective new tenants. The quality of print from the current device was poor, running costs were high and the speed of scanning documents rather slow.In addition,the Office Manager oversaw ordering replacement toner, if she was on holiday and they ran out no one else could order.


Document Data Group installed a UTAX Multi functional Device with superior print quality and a high speed automatic document feeder. DDG have removed the hassle of placing toner orders by implementing an automatic toner replenishment system which will send out toner when levels get low. The tiered billing feature of this UTAX device has saved on print costs for Maxim as they now only pay for the colour used rather than a fixed price for any amount of colour.This device also allows the customer to print remotely from Smart phones, tablets or Mac’s, a convenient feature used by many busy business people today.

“It is not until you have a comparison that you really understand the benefits of having a quality printer onsite”

Office Manager Emma Briggs said:

“Printing was always a necessity in our business but not at the forefront of our minds. Given that Document Data Group are one of our tenants it only made sense to ask about the services they could provide and it has certainly paid off to do so. It is not until you have a comparison that you really understand the benefits of having a quality printer onsite, our marketing materials have a professional finish, scanning is much quicker and not having to monitor meter reading and toner levels is so beneficial to us. The Document Data Group team are friendly, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable in their products, which has given us complete faith in working with them for all printing and storage requirements.”