Georgetown Wealth Management


Georgetown Wealth Management are an independent financial planning business based in Glasgow. The company pride themselves in honesty and integrity and recognise that a good stable business is built on reputation and strong relationships.


Georgetown Wealth Management have 4 PC users within the office and were using a mix of Office 365 licenses not suitable for the business. The company used One Drive to store documents but felt due to its hybrid nature it was restricting access as and when documents were required. They also had some out of date hardware requiring upgrade.


Firstly, DDG upgraded equipment and improved their Office 365 Licensing structure to allow each user to have their own license that fulfilled their own requirements.

We then built them a Sharepoint site to move away from One Drive to a cloud-based structure giving them the access to documents whenever and wherever they were located.

DDG are now Georgetown Wealth Managements trusted IT partner and should they have any issues they have access to our helpdesk of expertise.

“DDG have been instrumental over the past 2 years in supporting our firm”


“DDG have been instrumental over the past 2 years in supporting our firm with our office printing requirements, client record storage and now IT support”

Paul Angell, Partner