Genoa Black


Genoa Black is a leading strategic consultancy who works in partnership with business leaders, helping them de-risk their investments and achieve growth.


Genoa Black has 15 users working within an Apple Mac environment. The company had on-premises NAS that connected straight to the internet for remote access by the team. This left systems more exposed to hackers and, with no encryption in place, the business was keen to address these security concerns.


Document Data Group moved Genoa Black away from its outdated NAS system to SharePoint cloud-based storage. This has greatly improved security across its systems and ensured all stored data is securely encrypted.

In addition, Genoa Black was previously using G-Suite for email. Office 365 is the preferred platform for DDG, and this is included in our support costs resulting in a cost saving for the customer.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Genoa Black (like many companies) moved to virtual working, using online meetings and webinars, quickly becoming confident in the use of Microsoft Teams. Visual content and presenting using online video is very important to the business and DDG assisted in upgrading Microsoft365 licenses to enable stream, ensuring the team could use this technology to its full potential.

DDG has become Genoa Black’s IT Helpdesk, supporting the team with expertise and technical support.

“We couldn’t be happier with their reliable and expert support.”

“Document Data helped us to bring our IT infrastructure and systems to a new level of integration, allowing us to develop even greater standards of security and efficiency in our online systems. This has had transformational impact across all of our processes, creating more efficiency and even better collaboration across our team and client base. They quickly and seamlessly integrated their service into our business and became an external IT department that we can rely on and we couldn’t be happier with their reliable and expert support.”

Sylwia Paterson Business, Operations & Performance Manager.