G & M Radiators


For more than 50 years,G&M Radiator has been an industry pioneer in the design and  manufacture of copper brass heat exchanger cores, supplying the specialist radiator market and OEM customers with a high quality, competitively priced solution to their cooling requirements.


  • G&M had a mixture of different printing devices from multiple vendors on multiple contracts, with no direct control on cost or supplier relations.
  • The company is rapidly expanding, with an office in Birmingham,a facility in Aberdeen and a presence in Southern Ireland.
  • It has had unsatisfactory second-hand equipment installed in the past by other suppliers and a considerable proportion of its printing equipment has been on unmanaged contracts


  • Instead of upgrading the company’s entire fleet of devices, Document Data Group will phase this in gradually with replacement, additions and upgrades.
  • It has ensured that all equipment installed during the gradual refurbishment is brand new and therefore of the highest standard.
  • Document Data Group has provided a fully managed service, meaning that toner is re-supplied before it runs out and machines can be serviced either remotely through a PC or directly by site visits across all the company’s geographical locations.

“Document Data Group has freed up our time to invest in the necessary strategic planning”

David Forrest, Group IT Manager said:

“The service provided by Document Data Group has freed up our time to invest in the strategic planning necessary to maintain and increase the forward momentum of this fast-growing group. They have been instrumental in managing and controlling print volumes and keeping our costs down.”