Fosters Funeral Parlour


Fosters Funeral Directors are in Glasgow and Ayrshire and cover all crematoria and burial grounds in Scotland. Their mission is to provide a Personal service to families at their time of need, Professional attitude at all times and Passionate about providing the best right to the end.


The company are experiencinga period of rapid growth with the vision of opening 7 new sites by the end of 2018. Founder and Managing Director Anthony Foster wanted to re-evaluate printing costs to ensure the most efficient method was being adopted in each branch.

Previously, general day to day printing was completed using a fleet of different desktop printers across all branches which were purchased outright. There was no maintenance plan in place and the ink was expensive to purchase. Each branch ordered their own ink and therefore it was difficult to monitor the cost and usage. If a device was to break down a new machine would have to be bought. What’s more, a stock of replacement ink kept for the original machine would no doubt no longer fit the replacement model.

The printing of more specialised documents such as Orders of Service or marketing posters are all out sourced to a third party. Costs for this are hugely more expensive than doing so in house, plus the inconvenience of ordering and collecting the materials and a lack of control in time limitation circumstances.


Document Data Group provided Fosters Funeral Directors with a uniform fleet of UTAX Desktop Printers across all branches and a Multi functional Device on a fully supported service agreement. The desktop printer is much more efficient: print outs are of a better quality, produced quicker and the ink usage much lower. The multi functional device is used to print all specialised documents even full-size posters displayed in their windows and promotional booklets giving them full control and cost savings.

In a nutshell, Fosters have both streamlined their business, increased efficiency AND saved money.

“I am pleased to confirm that DDG delivers”

Founder and Managing Director Anthony Foster said:

I like many company owners are extremely short in time with all the demands we face on a daily basis and over the years our patience in relation to sales people grows short, however, that said, I do like to look after the pennies.

I realised that the time my staff were spending on processing orders of service for my clients was engulfing their day and with the labour expenditure being what it is for many of us, making good use of your employee’s time is crucial.

I went out to the market to see if there was a company which had the same work ethics as I. There are many companies out there, however, for me having the trust in a company when things don’t go to plan is essential. Document Data Group did not provide the hard sell treatment that most sales companies employ.

In the funeral industry, we have no time for service engineers to turn up when they feel like it, the most important thing for me was to have a company you could rely on. I am pleased to confirm that Document Data Group delivers. I had initially purchased several printers for my offices some time ago and when I decided to expand into other areas I decided to go to the market once again to check that the prices were still competitive,and they were.I would be more than happy to recommend Document Data Group for not only their service but also their price. Many thanks guys keep up the good work.