Established in 2006, Coneworx Ltd endeavor to operate a one stop shop for Traffic Management Systems.


  • Print devices are slow with poor print quality. Some of the devices are meant for home use only.
  • The Multifunctional Device used by the majority of staff is constantly jamming. This could be due to the cold temperature in the office during the night causing the paper to be damp.
  • There is no control over who prints colour and the cost per print is different on every machine
  • No service or support available on any of the machines and if there is a problem the machine is disposed of and a replacement purchased.
  • There is no continuity of device and thus different toners have to be ordered. These are ordered on an ad hoc basis.


Document Data Group installed a fleet of UTAX devices with the following key features:

  • Software installed with the ability to generate reports on users print activity
  • All devices have the same cost per print
  • Quality Laser Print Devices with a speed ranging from 26-30 pages per minute
  • All devices covered by our comprehensive support package with automatic toner replenishment
  • The Multifunctional Device comes with heaters built in to the cassettes. This feature is designed for companies like Coneworx where the device is housed in a cold environment. Having heaters built in to the cassettes will reduce dampness in the paper and subsequent paper jams.

“Through a unified fleet our running costs have reduced by £2000 per year”

“Document Data Group have provided excellent customer service from start to finish. Our current print fleet was very hard to manage due toa mix of manufacturers and therefore a cupboard full of replacement toners for different machines. In addition,the turnover of devices which may have been avoidable had we had a service contract in place. We now feel in control of our Print requirements and through a unified fleet our running costs have reduced by approximately £2000 per year.”