Clockwise provide contemporary offices, work spaces and meeting spaces located at the Savoy Tower,Glasgow City Centre.


Clockwise provide a shared print facility for tenants in communal areas. The company were fully aware of the new General Data Protection Regulation and wanted to ensure the correct print security procedure was in place to protect tenants documents. In addition, Clockwise would like to be able to record each tenants usage to charge them for this service.


To provide a secure, easily trackable printing solution, Document Data Group installed a small server with Print Management Software. This in combination with 2 new Multi functional devices allowed for card-based print release and tenant by tenant billing. The tenant usage report is automatically emailed to the clockwise management team. Print release cards are also set to static visitor accounts to allow Clockwise to provide secure print facilities for day visitors or guests.

“DDG took the time to understand our business requirements”

General Manager Lesley Anne Jeffrey said:

“DDG took the time to understand our business requirements and customised the package to suit our needs. We are delighted with the service from DDG and would not hesitate to recommend them.”