Alexander Thomson Hotel


Alexander Thomson Hotel is a 125-bedroom hotel perfectly located in Glasgow City Centre close to Glasgow Central Railway Station, SECC, Glasgow Nightlife and financial district. The hotel is part of the Rennie MacKintosh Group comprising of 3 Hotels.


There were 4 departments within the hotel (Accounts, Reservations, Reception and Management) all of which had a different brand of printer.

  • Each printer required a different type of toner thus a cupboard full of replacements.
  • The reception printer was heavily used and it kept failing trying to meet demand. There was no service contract in place and this constant disruption meant diverting prints to another device. Staff were not confident using a different manufacturer device, not to mention the unnecessary time spent going to other departments retrieving documents.
  • The reception manager ordered all the toner and tended to bulk buy to get a better price. If a failing machine couldn’t be fixed and a replacement was purchased the toner no longer fitted the new device and therefore money wasted.
  • The general running costs were higher than they needed to be especially the price of coloured copies.


Document Data Group installed a Managed Print Solution supplying a fleet of UTAX devices which all have the same user-friendly interface. The solution includes tiered billing on coloured copies, a full-service contract and automatic toner replenishment so when ink levels get to a set level we will automatically send out toner. We now supply the print devices into the other 2 hotels in the group: Rennie MacKintosh Art School Hotel and Rennie MacKintosh Station Hotel.

“We predict an annual saving of £2000”

Gagan Uppal, General Manager said:

“Chill took the time to understand our business needs and we are delighted with the new fleet of printers. The automatic toner replenishment means we no longer need to keep a stock of toner and the tiered billing has made a significant difference to our running costs. We predict an annual saving of £2000.“