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Green Home Systems goes Digital: Revolutionising Paper Processes for a Sustainable future

By March 26, 2024No Comments

Green Home Systems, established in 2014 and has grown over the last decade to become Scotland’s leading energy efficiency installer. With a commitment to prioritising low carbon solutions, the company has engaged in discussions with fellow chamber member Document Data Group to enhance its paperwork processes.

Critical to their sales process is the completion of risk assessments before installation. However, the reliance on paper forms, especially the practice of traveling to the office on a Friday afternoon to submit the forms from that week, was not aligning with the companies’ environmental objectives. Additionally, the office team faced challenges in processing the paperwork promptly and translating the assessment data into customer reports.

Fellow Ayrshire chamber member, Document Data Group specialise in Document Management Solutions aimed at optimising paper processes.  DDG worked with Green Home Systems to transform their paper-based process into an electronic one. What was once a time-consuming task has been revolutionialised into an efficient operation aligning perfectly with Greem Home Systems core value of seeking low carbon solutions for their business.

Now Green Home Systems team completes risk assessments using tablets with data instantly transmitted to the office upon job completion. This streamlined approach allows for swift handling of high risk scenarios and immediate generation and delivery of customer reports, eliminating the double keying of information.

In an era where efficiency is paramount, the transition from paper forms to electronic ones signifies not just a modernisation but a step towards a more sustainable and streamlined future for businesses.