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Best office printers guide

By October 1, 2018November 1st, 2020No Comments

How to select the right office printer

In this helpful guide, we’ll take you through all you need to know about selecting the right office printer. We’ll cover all the key considerations to make sure you know all the most important features you want (or don’t want) your printer to have. Remember that we are now also offering a limited time free print audit to businesses looking to assess their print costs and save time and money. Fill out this short form to find out more about our free print audit.

1. What documents are you printing?

Many offices have no requirements for coloured print and thus black & white documents are sufficient. For some business, however, printing in colour is a vital necessity. We can help you find the right printer for your business needs, which will vary depending on your print volumes, your colour requirements, and the amount of staff that will be printing, among other things.

2. What are your monthly printing volumes?

Many companies follow the wrong path by selecting a device that does not suit their print usage. By considering your print volumes the device you select will be coherent with its expected output level. Go with something too advanced and you are paying way over the odds, but go under specification and your machine will age quickly as it struggles to cope with the demand.

3. Any Additional Features?

You may not even be aware of all the key features that you want and need your printer to have. This could include elements like an auto document feeder, double sided printing, booklet printing and potential cost controls. It’s easy to get lost in the whirlpool of possibilities, so our engineers can help you identify what the most important elements for you are.

4. How is the printer accessed?

The level of connectivity you need depends entirely on how you plan to use your printer. If it’s shared by multiple users in an office, for example, then it will need Wi-Fi connectivity and perhaps the ability to connect over a network. Even security systems need to be considered, as these will vary significantly depending on which printer you end up choosing.

5. Future growth?

If you think your company is likely to grow further (let’s hope so!), then you need to select a printer that can grow with your business as you take on additional staff. The last thing you want is to outgrow your print infrastructure.

Get your free download of the full guide to selecting the right business printer here, with all our key considerations, printer facts, and suggestions included. To apply for our free print audit, please answer these three simple questions.