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Advantages of Wireless Printers

By October 1, 2018November 1st, 2020No Comments

Advantages of wireless printers

Wireless printers are becoming an increasingly common feature of most modern offices, as the competitive advantages they offer over their outdated counterparts often outweigh any extra costs. It’s more than just a lack of wires and keeping your office tidy and organised: a wireless printer provides your business with limitless integration possibilities and will save you time and money in the long run, ensuring that your business processes run as smooth as they can.

Read on to discover a few of the key advantages of wireless printers.

Networking & Connectivity

The beauty of wireless printers is that they can connect to your devices directly, facilitating a networking process that is much easier and less time consuming. Connections are usually made through a wi-fi connection, which is something every office is equipped with. As a result, connections are made simpler by interfacing with your existing systems, removing the need for complicated installation processes, CD-ROMs, and various cables and wires. No more hazardous cables and frustrated faces – with a wireless printer, getting started is the easy part.

Wireless printing from multiple devices

The fact that you can send documents from various locations and users to a centralised printing queue means that everything will be organised and taken care of in a logical fashion. Scurrying between different devices and trying to manually establish some sort of print queue is costly and can be frustrating. After all, how do you decide printing priority and know who needs to print what, and where?

Wireless printers with an integrated queue functionality will allow these documents to print in a logical order. You can even configure certain documents or users to be specifically set to certain printers, which can decrease print queues and increase efficiency. Furthermore, being able to print from mobiles or tablet is also instrumental, as these devices are becoming an integral part of offices.

Saving Time

Printing is not one of those tasks that should be taking up the majority of your time and energy. It should be quick and painless, especially if you are to meet deadlines and have print materials available for reports, meetings, and filing purposes. Wireless printers help you get it done as fast as possible, without the need for much input from you.


If you’re a modern business looking for integration across a variety of different applications and platforms, then wireless printers are key. It can allow you to interface and integrate directly with the cloud, allowing you to connect with your other cloud-based applications. That way, you can print documents directly from the cloud, bypassing the downloading stage and saving valuable space on your computer, tablet or mobile.


Investing in a wireless print fleet that is both up to date, modern, and flexible is an investment in the future of your business. Future-proofing your business processes is important, and technology could make a huge different to your bottom line. Wireless printers are vital for any business looking to optimise their workflow and maximise productivity. Contact Document Data Group for a free print audit, download our guide to selecting the right business printer or find out more about our printers.