Vipond Fire Protection


Vipond Fire Protection offers a nationwide service for the design, installation and maintenance of complete fire detection and suppression systems.


  • Vipond Fire Protection have 2 multi functional devices which have high print costs and can be out of operation frequently whilst waiting on replacement toner. There is also a small fleet of desktop printers and their current supplier does not offer a service contract on these. The toner is expensive and when one breaks down Vipond end up buying a new device thus a high turnover of printers.
  • The business also used an old style franking machine which had excessive lease costs


Document Data Group supplied Vipond with 2 new Multi functional Devices and a fleet of Desktop Printers. We treat all print devices as equal and thus a full service contract as well as automatic toner replenishment, automatic meter readings and Tiered Billing on coloured copies is provided.

We installed a new model Franking Machine to meet the business requirements.

“An annual saving of £4000”

Financial Controller Christine Taylor said:

“Steve opened our eyes to the hidden costs of our current Printer Fleet. The new service agreement and Tiered Billing have gained us an annual saving of £4000 at our East Kilbride Office.The automatic toner replenishment gives us peace of mind and automatic meter readings provide accurate information and eliminate the issue of credits or outstanding amounts associated with estimate readings.

Following the success of this supplier relationship we have now gone on to roll this out in our offices in Solihull and Swansea.”