The Scottish Personal Assistant Employers Network are a membership organisation who support people with disabilities and/or long-term conditions or impairments to use a direct payment to employ personal assistants. SPAEN offer a range of supports and services to enable people to engage their own staff.


SPAEN have documents containing highly sensitive personal information of their clients and personal information of potential employees. In 2017 the company were hit with a ransomware attack which locked down their computer systems and stopped the business from trading. It took SPAEN 7 months to get back on track and a large proportion of the documents that were recovered were corrupt. Looking towards the future SPAEN wanted to ensure that this vulnerability could never happen again, that their client files were safely stored, and the business was always able to operate for its members.


Document Data Group installed an Electronic Document Management System which contains the following protection features:

  • All files are encrypted•Passwords are required to enter the system
  • A full role based access control system operates ensuring precise control of document access and product functionality
  • The full history of a document is preserved if required

“Greater security and certainty over vital business information”

Colin Millar, Chief Executive Officer said:

“Using the Document Management System has not only given us greater security and certainty over vital business information, its actually made us a whole lot more productive too. I’d highly recommend this solution for businesses of any size who rely on having access to their data.”