Muir Slicer


Muir Slicer are an IIP Gold accredited company that specialises in assisting businesses and people to achieve their goals and potential.


Muir Slicer had several printers from different manufacturers resulting in high print cartridge costs, a storage cupboard full of replacement cartridges all different sizes to suit different machines and no service contract in place. If a machine broke down they would have to replace the device regardless of age or overall condition


Document Data Group installed a managed print service and straight away reduced the companies print costs. The package includes a full-service contract and automatic toner replenishment. Muir Slicer no longer need to maintain stock of consumables as once the toners hit a certain level an order is automatically generated and a toner is delivered the following day.

“We forecast a significant annual saving”

Managing Director Allan Slicer said:

“I am delighted with the service provided by Document Data Group. Steve thoroughly analysed our current print fleet and provided recommendations to improve print management within our business. We forecast a significant annual saving.”