Dawnfresh is one of the UK’s largest producers of fish and seafood. The company produce for food service and retail both in the UK and around the world.


Dawnfresh process 40,000 supplier invoices per year across 4 companies within the group at several geographical locations. This manual task was extremely time consuming: printing invoices, stamping, marking and noting them for tracking, chasing approval, entering into Sage, filing in cabinets and then the time spent searching for past invoices to resolve supplier queries. Dawnfresh were also paying for offsite storage of invoices.Apart from the cost of this facility, there is the time delay in having to submit a request to return a box of paperwork should there be a query needing addressed.


Document Data Group implemented an advanced invoice processing solution. All invoices are now scanned or automatically imported from defined email addresses.Once in the system they are time and date stamped before having all transactional data extracted line by line and imported into Sage. Workflows provide automated routing of documents for approval prior to final archiving in a secure, encrypted repository.There is no further requirement for offsite storage as the electronic documents are fully searchable by any of the key invoice values.

“The cooperation between DDG and ourselves has developed to be based not only on a professional level but also to a friendly one”

Group Business Systems Analyst Miltos Christodoulias said:

“Automating the invoice approval process and storing electronic PDF copies within Filestream’s database, has taken away the manual handling of invoices and saved time across a number of functional areas within our organisation. At the same time,it eliminated the loss of invoices and took away unnecessary printing costs. The integration with Sage 200 Sales Ledger helped to minimise the impact of disruption to our AP team. Overall the cooperation between Document Data Group and ourselves has developed to be based not only on a professional level but also to a friendly one, making a big difference in tackling all the issues in hand.”