All New Beginnings


All New Beginnings Ltd have a clear mission: To provide exceptional care and support services to individuals in the comfort of their own homes. They are a compassionate and reliable care at home service provider based in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.


All New Beginnings didn’t have an independent IT provider, this task was undertaken by Company Director Stuart Auld whilst also being responsible for the day to day running of the business.  Within the building there were weak Wi-Fi areas that really needed addressed and overall, there was concern as to how secure their infrastructure was. In addition, Stuart works remotely at times and therefore isn’t available to promptly handle any arising issues.


Following a comprehensive IT audit of All New Beginnings infrastructure, significant improvements were implemented. Hardware upgrades were undertaken, effectively resolving the WI-FI issues that had previously been frustrating. Furthermore, robust data backup measures were put in place to safeguard company information. Equally important, all employees now have the necessary Microsoft Licenses to perform their duties efficiently.

Moreover, partnering with us means Stuart can now work remotely with confidence. In the event of any IT issues, our team is readily available to address concerns promptly. Employees can simply log a ticket, knowing that our expert support team will swiftly resolve any issues, providing Stuart and the entire company with peace of mind.


Director Stuart Auld said:

“As a care at home provider, it has become imperative for All New Beginnings to establish a robust, secure, and user-friendly IT system. The transition from traditional paper filing to digitised storage compelled us to explore the market for a reputable IT partner.
Through our partnership with Document Data Group, we have successfully acquired the necessary infrastructure in order to comply with legislation. This affiliation has not only mitigated potential concerns but also provided peace of mind to both our dedicated staff and valued service users.

By adopting a fully digitised approach, we are striving to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness in delivering quality care services. The dependable support and expertise offered by Document Data Group have proven invaluable in achieving this goal”