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In this fast-paced business world, Document Management plays a vital role. Gone are the days of having an office submerged in paperwork with multiple filing cabinets and the gruesome time-consuming task of trying to find that one individual document.

Do you currently use an off-site storage company such as Iron Mountain? Are you frustrated at having to wait hours or even days for crucial files to be returned to your office? What about the cost of storage and the additional costs to retrieve documents?

It’s time to stop investing in filing cabinets and off-site storage and to embrace the digital technologies that will improve access while also ensuring increased security in a world plagued by hackers and ransomware attacks.

Electronic Document Management eliminates time-consuming, paper heavy storage tasks and gives you access to your own documents 24 hours a day and not when it suits a storage company to deliver them.

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An Electronic Document Management Solution will also help tick some of the boxes towards GDPR compliance:-

  • Encryption of all documents
  • Role based access control ensuring staff only have access to the files required to do their job
  • Retention Control: GDPR legislation requires documents to be destroyed when they reach their retention period. This is a very time-consuming task if you are manually searching through filing cabinets but with the document management system these documents will be flagged up with you when the retention period has ended.
  • Audit Trail and Traceability: the document management system can give full visibility of when a document enters the system, any amendments that have been made and who has made these.

We can provide a range of Document Management Systems, both server and cloud based and customised to suit the needs of your business.

Please get in touch today, the process begins with a consultation between your company and a member of the Document Data Group Solutions Team. We will then build a free of charge demonstration, customised to suit your business needs and present this to you.  So, don’t delay, start your digital journey today.

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