Enhancement Pack

This utility is a mixture of over 90 enhancements that are too small to become products on their own. The utility will plug the small gaps in functionality that Sage has missed in the Sage 200 Extra Platform.

Audit Log

With the option for ‘silent’ change logging or the prompting for users to enter a reason for change the Audit Log utility is designed to track field level changes to core financial modules, sales and purchase order processing modules, stock and price book.

Intercompany Transactions

The Intercompany is fully integrated with Sage 200 financials ledgers, order processing and stock control module processes, users can carry out purchase invoice apportionment, nominal journals cash transfers and stock transfers. Nominal journals or sales and purchase VAT invoices will automatically be created between any of the Sage 200 companies configured within the Sage system.

Fixed Assets

This module is fully integrated asset management solution for Sage 200. Linking directly to the financial ledgers and month end processes this is a simple module to use. Incorporating list views and workspaces plus a host of standard Sage 200 reports.

Hire Manager

Hire Manager is designed specifically as an additional module for Sage 200. Fully integrated with the Fixed Assets (included with hire manager), Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules. Designed to manage the requirements of hire organisation’s needing to create hire documentation, schedule people and equipment, control pricing and generate one off or periodic invoices for the items on hire.

Job Costing

Designed to integrate with Purchase ledger, SOP, POP, Stock, Time Recording and Works Order Processing.  The job Costing module provides solutions for clients in manufacturing, construction, software development and all types of contract management.

Contract Manager

With optional integration to costing packages the Contract Manager module operates entirely within the Sage 200 platform. Designed to control periodic invoicing, management and reconciliation of the deferred income and cost postings. Contracts can be manually entered or created from the posting of sales orders with contract items included and can provide analysis and profitability reporting on contracts.

Service Manager

Fully integrated with the Sage 200 financial, stock and order processing modules, Service Manager will assist in the logging of service cases within Sage 200 (or create via Sage CRM) to allow scheduling of engineers, allocation of stock and transfer of stock to engineers. Manage the profitability of call out jobs and service contracts. Tablet interface licenses available for service engineers to update case details, use stock, book time and complete work.

Construction Manager and CIS

Construction Manager is a set of add-on modules for Sage 200 allowing smooth processing of CIS, CITB, Applications, Retentions and Valuations and Payments. Built around the Job Costing module to capture costs from purchase orders, purchase invoices, stock issues, cash transactions and labour to create reliable and accurate costings linked directly to transactions processed within Sage 200.

Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager is fully integrated with the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules. Designed to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends and increase telesales productivity for organisations in the Distribution sector. Assisting with stock control, incorporate sales forecasting within future stock projections and suggested purchase order creation.

Barcoding & Warehousing

The Barcoding & Warehousing module is integrated in real time with the Sage 200 stock and order processing modules, plus it fully supports all of the Sicon additions including Job costing for issues and returns, works orders for picking and building assemblies and distribution manager for pre-allocation of stock at goods in.


Manufacturing is a set of additional modules for Sage 200, integrated with Stock, BOM, Sales and Purchase Order Processing. Including modules for Job Costing, Works Order Processing and Estimating, this package can be configured for one-off job costed manufacture or high volume repeat production manufacture. Material and Resource Planning provides suggested works orders and purchase orders plus a rough-cut capacity plan at labour and machine levels.


The Kitting module helps create single level parts lists using Sage 200 stock items that can be allocated and issued to make a finished product. Kits can be built manually or within a Sales Quote and Sales Order. Where Sage 200 Bill of Materials is too complex, Kitting provides an alternative solution.

Material and Resource Planning

Material and Resource Planning is designed specifically for Sage 200. Based on material demand from sales and purchase orders, forecast sales orders, free stock and min stock levels plus the Sicon Works Orders module, a list of suggested works orders and suggested purchase orders are created. Weekly labour and machine capacity demand is created from Works Orders and generates a rough-cut capacity plan.

Works Order Processing (WOP)

Works Order Processing is designed specifically for Sage 200, integrating with BOM and Stock Control.  It provides enhanced functionality to the Sage 200 BOM module and is an ideal addition for clients in manufacturing who need a simplified stock allocation and issuing process with the ability to amend works orders during assembly.


Providing data entry and approval processing for business documents including Requisitions, Invoices, Expenses, Timesheets, Holidays, Sales Orders and HR. WAP is a locally installed web based application designed specifically for real-time integration with Sage 200. Approvals can be based on parameters such as nominal code, project/job, user, document type and value. Providing real-time analysis of committed costs, nominal and project actual costs against budgets.

WAP Purchase Requisitions

Allowing you to raise purchase requisitions using Sage 200 suppliers, nominal’s, stock items or free text, project’s and budgets, the WAP purchase requisition module will automatically create purchase orders into Sage 200 after the requisition is approved.

WAP Invoice Approval

Automatically pick up Sage 200 unauthorised invoices plus scanned images. Create invoices in WAP to allow flexible amendment of VAT and projects during approval. Route invoices for multi-level approval within the WAP system.

WAP Expenses

Streamlined expenses processing via a browser or mobile app, with multi option approval routings based on user, project, nominal codes etc. Expense items are preconfigured per user making selection choices easy, with max claim values per user and claim location. Optional Subsistence claims process with configurable grades and rates to comply with HMRC guidelines. Mileage claims use the integrated Google Maps distance calculator to assist with data entry with additional features for multi stop journeys, deduct normal work commute miles, return journey.

WAP Timesheets

Enter timesheets via the WAP web based interface via PC or mobile device. Track cost, charge and pay rates based on work patterns. Weekly timesheets are submitted for approval when contracted hours are completed with approval options including submitting user or projects selected in the timesheet. Option to track allowances via timesheets such as overnight stay, late working, overseas travel.

WAP Holidays

Raise holiday requests based on annual entitlements, with conflicting user checks, mandatory holidays/shutdowns and departmental rules. Calendar views allow approvers to see other bookings in their business units.

WAP Sales Orders

Raise sales orders using Sage 200 customers, for stock items or free text entry, using information from projects and special pricing from the Sage 200 price book. Automatically create sales orders into Sage 200 after the order is approved.

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