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Most organisations have strict procedures in place to cover Health & Safety Inspections, Quality Control & Accident Reporting. All of these areas are critical to the safe running of a business and also provide full evidence that the business is not only performing the relevant checks and tests, but that they are recording them accurately for future reference should there ever be an incident that requires it. Historically these tests and checks are performed manually on paper forms which are then filed in hard copy format. Occasionally they were then re-keyed into a quality management system, which led to a double handling of the data. With Applied Principles Suite we offer a real time data capture system that will link directly to your document management software to provide a fast robust way of recording data. All checks are recorded with the name of the person performing the audit and each step is time stamped and optionally location stamped. The completed record can then be stored automatically into an EDM system which will ensure fast retrieval of any audit report at the click of a button. Through the use of an IP 6/8 heavy duty Android device with photo and barcode scanning capability we can record not only the answers to the check questions, but photos and barcode scans where relevant.

The flexibility available in the system allows for both simple task lists and very complex forms to be completed on the device.
Non conformances can trigger further actions such as instructions to the user, email notifications to managers or in the case of Critical Non Conformances instructions to shut down plant or processes.

Checks can be selected by scanning a barcode on a piece of equipment or from a list of available checks.
Checks can also be scheduled to ensure that they are completed at the correct time, with alerts, warnings and ultimately email notifications to management if they are missed.

As soon as checks acre completed they will be available in the EDM system for users to check, allowing close control and visibility on all checks performed.

An example of areas where a Quality Management System (QMS) would be ideal:

  • Food production lines
  • Forklift Truck checks
  • Accident Reports
  • Security Walk rounds
  • Hotel Fire Checks
  • Restaurant Freezer Temperature Checks
  • Hygiene Checks
  • Plant Maintenance Checks
  • Safety Equipment Checks

AP Suite provides a secure easy to use system for recording important checks while ensuring they are completed on time, in the correct location and by the correct person. Please contact us for more information about our Quality Management Systems (QMS).

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